Massage Types Available

Depending on your physical needs, different massage practices will be recommended to you. Our broad selection of massages is targeted to best fit your needs. Here are some types of massage that can be performed by our specialists:

Deep Tissue Massage

Targeting deeper layers of muscle, this massage helps reduce muscle tightness, stiffness and painful spots. It’s also common among those who suffer injuries.


Swedish/Relaxation Massage

A gentle and relaxing massage, usually with long strokes and circular movements. This type of massage is good for stress relief and relaxation.

Couples Massage

Looking to get a massage alongside your significant other? At Massage Creations, we can do just that.


Stone Massage

Warm, smooth stones are placed on the body and incorporated into the massage. The heat helps reduce muscle tension in your back and shoulders.

Sports Massage

Common among athletes and those who work out frequently, sports massages aim to increase athletic performance and prevent or heal injuries.


Massage Therapy in Destin, FL

Our customized services vary in price, depending on the length of time and the types of massage involved. Our 60 minute massage includes 50 minutes of hands on massage and our 90 minute service is 80 minutes of hands on massage.  For most of our massages, our pricing is as follows:


  • 60-minute massage: $100

  • 90-minute massage: $140

  • Couples massages: $160


  • 60-minute massage: $125

  • 90-minute massage: $165

  • Couples massages: $189

Add-ons $15 extra

  • Deep Tissue Massage- including Bio-Freeze Treatment if needed

  • Aroma Therapy

  • Additional 10 minute stretching during the massage

  • (Serenity Calming) 10 Minute Wine/Drink Relaxation Time after the Massage

  • Scalp Scrub during massage

  • Hand and Feet Hot Oil and Towel Treament

Our massage spa in Destin, FL wants to leave you feeling relaxed and wonderful. If you’re interested in having a massage program customized for you, schedule an appointment with us today at 850-460-8588.


Massage Creations provides quality massage therapy in Destin, FL. We provide many different kinds of massages depending on your needs. Our staff creates a massage plan for every client based on their body.
Massage therapy provides many health benefits, including lower stress hormone levels and inflammation, and a higher white blood cell count.



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